Mother of 3-month-old Desmond Castillo talks for the first time since baby’s death; full interview


DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN) — For the first time, the mother of three-month-old Desmond Karl Castillo shared her story about what happened the day her son died.

Despite accusations that her husband, Rolanda Castillo Jr., is the one responsible for her son’s death, Karla Castillo says he’s not the killer. But she says she knows who is.

According to Karla, three years ago she found her three-month-old son unresponsive.

“I just screamed for Rolando,” Karla said. “Because he [Desmond] was cold.”

At the time, Karla and her husband were living at her mother’s home. She says the two were alone at the house with Desmond.

“I could tell you what he [Desmond] was wearing,” Karla said. “I could tell you what blanket he had. I could tell you what position the swing was in. I could tell you every little detail that you wanted to know.”

According to autopsy reports, Desmond died due to blunt force trauma to the head and torso. But according to Karla, Desmond suffered rib and head injuries several weeks earlier after spending time with his grandmother.

“The autopsy said that he had broken ribs that were already healing,” Karla said. “Like they had been broken a couple weeks before. December 9th was two, two and a half, three, a good two weeks before he passed away so that would be right around the time that his ribs would have broken.”

According to Karla, Rolando wasn’t the cause of her son’s death. Instead, it was her mother.

“I know that sounds crazy but I think that the injury that he sustained from her house is the cause of his death,” Karla said.

Karla told WDHN her mother has spent the last few years calling Rolando a murderer and pushing for the death penalty. But Karla says Rolando would never hurt Desmond let alone kill him.

“My husband is not this evil human being,” Karla said. “He’s not. He is a fantastic dad. I love him so much.”

WDHN reached out to Desmond’s maternal grandmother, Karen.

She told WDHN “I don’t have anything to feel guilty about. I’m not worried about it because my conscience is clear. I did not do this. If I did this, why am I fighting so hard to get justice?”

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