Mother who lost daughter to cancer says there is hope


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) – Libby Claire was a healthy little girl when her parents took her into a pediatrician for what they thought was a basic stomach issue, what they found out changed their lives and their impact in the Wiregrass forever.

“Our oldest daughter Libby Claire was diagnosed with stage four high-risk neuroblastoma at the age of four, she battled for three years and 21 days, doing treatments in Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan, and Florida, and she was eternally healed, December the 5th, 2016,” Said Lindsey Rushing, Libby’s Mother and Founder of Libby’s Light Shines.

After Libby passed away, her family developed a 501(c)(3) organization called Libby’s Light Shines to help support families going through childhood cancer.

“The funds from our foundation are very important because the families that are battling childhood cancer, they have to be off of work for treatment, etc, and so our funds go, we pay in the forms of gas cards, we pay hospital bills, we pay utility bills, for those children that are eternally healed as well we also help to offset the cost of funeral arrangements,” Rushing said.

The mission of Libby’s Light Shines Foundation is to make sure nobody has to fight alone. This has brought the Rushing family many lifelong relationships with other families going through this battle.

“Isaiah was Diagnosed just a little bit after Libby was, that’s how we got to know Angie and Isaiah through treatments. He’s a precious soul, he was much older, he had Renal Cell Carcinoma and he has been declared in remission I believe four or five years now, was told he would never have children, he has one precious little girl and another on the way,” said Rushing.

Rushing says that Isaiah’s story proves that there is hope for those going through their battles with childhood cancer.

“There is hope, and with every penny, every dollar that we give towards childhood cancer research there is that much hope for those families and those children,” said Rushing.

According to Lindsey Rushing, only 4% of the National cancer research budget goes towards researching pediatric cancer. There have been four medications specifically made to treat childhood cancer but because the research is so underfunded there have been no new treatments added since 1980, but Lindsey says they always have hope.

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