Mural in Enterprise hotel honors Army Aviation


ENTERPRISE Ala. (WDHN) — A freshly renovated hotel on the south side of Enterprise is getting an artist’s touch in order to show love for the armed forces.

“We are a newly remodeled hotel and we cater to army aviation,” Director Of Sales for Candlewood Suites, Kaitlyn Crawford said. “That’s most of our business so we really want to show our appreciation when they come through like we really care for them.”

To show their appreciation for our armed forces, Candlewood Suites hired a painter from colorado springs to come and paint a mural to show how much servicemen and women mean to them.

“Kaitly had contacted me and said she wanted to do something patriotic” Gold Creative Concepts owner and artist, Michael Beenenga. “And she told me a little of the history of enterprise and Fort Rucker and it is great history that’s from this area.”

In less than 5 days, Beenenga has turned a blank wall into a masterpiece for thousands of people to enjoy, and to be able to paint something like this means a lot to him because of the connections he gets to make.

“This flag means a lot. And to hear the different people that have been in and out of here too, we just have conversations while I’m painting. And it still means a lot to a lot of people,” Beenenga said. “I’ve always known this flag means a lot and it’s just really cool as I’m painting it to hear people take on it too and just that sense of pride that it has. So it’s just really fun to be a part of that.”

Beenenga says one of the main things that makes his job so enjoyable, the connections he gets to make.

“I’m really grateful for each project that I get how each project is so different. And that’s where I guess I learn a lot is people as I’m working on these things cause it is such a collaborative effort,” Beenenga said. “People tell me the vision they have and say “I can’t get it out of my head” so that’s where I get to be a service to them and help them out with that.”

This mural was started on Friday the 8th and Beenenga was putting the final touches on it this afternoon so it’s ready to be seen.

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