HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — A suspect in the murder of a Pansey man nearly a year ago has withdrawn her motion for a bond. The motion is pending a mental evaluation.

Cierra Goodson is accused of killing Hardy Gray at his home.

She used to clean Gray’s home and was there for him.

Gray was found three days later with multiple gunshot wounds, fully clothed, and lying facedown in his kitchen.

Goodson, Elijah Hazell, Mykeila browser, and two juveniles were all originally charged with capital murder in the case.

Goodson wrote Judge Butch Binford a letter asking for a bond in her case back in August, but now that motion for a bond has been withdrawn by the defense.

In the letter, Goodson said that she wanted to go home and see her kids and that she knew she was hanging around the wrong kind of people.

Goodson has previously pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

Now she awaits a mental evaluation, which could help her case in a plea of insanity

A mental evaluation may involve psychological, psychiatric, or other mental health exams of the individual in question to provide more information about the person’s condition and situation. The report will likely include an analysis of the individual’s mental state, psychological condition, and current functional level.

In Goodson’s case, the mental evaluation will be used to see if she is eligible for a bond and in the right state of mind.

This evaluation will also be used to see if she can stand trial and look at her mental state at the time of the crimes.

Goodson is currently in the Houston County Jail and her jury trial is currently set for January 9th of next year, but that could of course change with the results of the mental evaluation.

Rowser’s trial is set for December 12th and Hazell’s trial is set for January 9th, the same day as Goodson’s trial.