The National Peanut Festival has begun!

With gates opening at 4:00, people were lined up trying to be one of the first into the fairgrounds, where they could hear live music, ride rides, and eat fair food to their hearts content.

After the ribbon cutting an hour later, the 2022 “Wiregrass Roots and Cowboy Boots” year of the Peanut Festival had officially begun.

Earlier in the day, final preperations were being set up, both in the greater fair grounds and with individual vendors.

The Headland Band Boosters, for example, still had to set up signs and fryers for the opening tonight.

They feel that certain last minute preparations are inevitable.

“Yes, everybody’s always trying to do as much as they can before hand to prep, however you always have to put up the signs, and you have to put out the tablecloths. And of course with this wind, the tablecloths and you fight. It’s crazy,” Headland Band Booster vice president Rebecca Hughes said.

The festival organizers are not expecting any major issues to come up, as things have been running very smoothly so far. They attribute this to the many volunteers who have worked so hard and put in so much time and effort to help.

“We got some, we’re so lucky to have so many good volunteers come out here each and every year. Some of them been here twenty plus years, and it just, they just make it happen,” Peanut Festival vice president Phillip Tidwell said.

With a combination of weather conditions, presales, and the fact that many covid concerns and restrictions have been lifted, the peanut festival is expecting a record breaking year.

“Everything is great and running fine and seems to be no major problems and we’re just looking for a good fair,” Phillip Tidwell also said.

With 9 days left, there’s still plenty of time of festival food and fun.