National Work Zone Week brings attention to worker safety


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — During the week of April 26th through April 30th, many states across the nation recognize National Work Zone Awareness Week.

“National Work Zone Awareness Week to bring awareness to the workers in the work zone these are spouses they are parents, they are friends, cousins, children,” said the spokesperson of Alabama Department of Transportation, Brantley Kirk.

With multiple construction projects underway and traffic increasing, drivers are urged to pay attention to speed limit signs as workers are vulnerable to injuries and even death.

Last year, there were over 2300 work zone crashes, 19 fatalities in Alabama. The numbers marked an increase compared to 2019 and over 600 injuries.

“Most fatalities in a work zone are the workers and actually four out of five of work zone fatalities are the motorists,” Kirk said. “It’s usually a rear-end collision that is caused by either speeding or distracted driving.”

In addition to slowing down and avoiding distractions like texting or eating while driving, Kirk says there are a few more tips that will keep workers safe.

“Don’t tailgate or cut off a large truck those large trucks can’t stop as quickly, and of course, always know before you go,” She said. “ is a valuable resource you can download the traffic app on your smartphone and it will let you know of the construction projects taking place.”

In conjunction with the awareness week, ALDOT has a Move Over, Slow Down, Save Lives campaign, so when you see those flashing lights whether it’s a first responder or tow truck — Move over and if you cant slow down.

These men and women would like to get home safely.

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