DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A manhunt is still underway and we’re getting our first look at the armed men who held up a Dothan convenience store, fired a weapon, then escaped on foot on Tuesday.

Dothan Police have released surveillance photos of two males who are suspects in an armed robbery.

The two men are both seen wearing sweatshirts and have their faces covered, while both wearing black joggers.

One of the men is seen in a grey Nike sweatshirt. The other is seen in a green sweatshirt.

According to police, the two suspects walked into the Hobo Pantry on Denton Road in Dothan. One of the suspects had a gun and fired a shot into the store. No one was harmed by the shot.

Then, the other suspect went behind the counter and stole an undisclosed amount of money.

Johnny B has lived in a nearby apartment complex for 6 years. He told WDHN that the Hobo Pantry has been robbed at least once a year.

“It’s just crazy,” a resident who lives near the Hobo Pantry, Johnny B said. “You can’t have nothing around here.”

The two suspects left the store on foot and were seen running southeast from the business.

Neighbors say they saw police walking the tree line next to their apartment and then went and searched apartments in the area.

After searching the area for about 30 minutes, the report turned out to be false.

Neighbors tell WDHN that they just want to see these suspects arrested.

“Do something about these folks tearing stuff up,” Johnny B said.

“Unfortunate that the people in that type of business have to go through things like that because I have worked those types of jobs before,” Johnny B said. “People that don’t want to work just want to make an easy dollar.”

Another neighbor recommends parents should talk to their kids about this situation and let this be a lesson in what not to do.

Dothan Police currently still have a be on the lookout order (BOLO) for out for the two suspects from the armed robbery.

This case is still under investigation by Dothan Police as they are still talking to witnesses and combing through surveillance video.

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