New Brockton fire station receives a firefighter assistance grant


NEW BROCKTON, Ala.(WDHN)— The New Brockton Fire Department has around 18 firefighters on staff, 10 of which are active.

The chief of the volunteer fire department wants to keep his men and women safe, and a new grant from FEMA will help do just that.

On September 10, the New Brockton Fire Department received a $50,000 grant from FEMA and became the third fire station in the Wiregrass to receive this grant.

That award will go towards new turn-out gear and provide funds to upgrade turn-out gear that was in need of replacing.

Turn-out gear is the personal protective gear that is worn by every firefighter during any structural fire or motor vehicle accident, and it consists of boots, hoods, helmets, gloves, turn-out coat, and turn-out pants.

“It will equip all of our people to where and when we get there,” New Brockton Fire Chief, Arnold Woodham said. “That’s as soon as we get there with enough manpower. We will act to put out the fire.”

Woodham says that it takes a lot of money to maintain this equipment, so this grant is a big help.

“But there is still equipment that you have to keep up and maintain according to NFPA,” Woodham said. “So it takes a lot of money.”

The New Brockton Fire Department also receives funding from the county tobacco tax and local fire tax.

This grant will allow these volunteers to help not only New Brockton, but the surrounding areas as well.

“We have very good relationships with our sister departments: Elba and the city of Enterprise help us a lot,” Woodham said.

FEMA also recently awarded the Black Volunteer Fire Department in Geneva County around $316,000.

Malvern also received around $11,000 in assistance as well.

“Just appreciate again the community supporting everything we do and we are very appreciative,” Woodham said.

Through this grant, New Brockton will also be able to purchase a washer extractor and a dryer to help them maintain their helmets, gloves, and other firefighting attire.

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