New Brockton residents upset over hazardous road conditions


NEW BROCKTON, Ala. (WDHN) — For over five years now, residents say south Byrd Mill Road, a dirt road located off Highway 84 east in New Brockton has been in terrible condition.

“When they started doing the four-lane on the bypass behind us, that’s when they started getting dirt back here off our road so all of these big dump trucks that are coming in and out constantly hauling tons of dirt is just putting the weight down on our road,” Rita Mcdonough said.

Over 20 residents live off Byrd Mill Road and the entrance of the road is filled with multiple potholes which can make for a challenging task for residents to get home. Due to to the conditions, several of the residents had to have their vehicles repaired after traveling on the dangerous road.

In a matter of fact, FedEx will not even deliver packages to the homes on this road.

“It’s only a little over a mile long and its a lot of people that live down this road and some of them depend on these delivery trucks for not only businesses but medicines and etc,” Joe Blackburn said.

Other than the potholes, there is also about an 80-foot gully on the side of the road which is dangerous for many reasons. The residents are calling on the city for action immediately.

“We would just like to see some action you know we get a lot of talk,” Mcdonough said.

“Come down here and take a look especially during these hard rains when it is extremely difficult and almost hazardous,” Blackburn said.

The city says there are no plans for paving the road yet but they have been approved to pull the ditches and re-establish the crown of the road.

Mayor Holley says it is on the list to push for the 10 cent gas tax.

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