DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A Dothan Police Department investigator believes a racial slur led to the murder of Robert Blount, a Dothan businessman who was found dead in his home on Labor Day weekend.

During a recent preliminary hearing for the suspects, the DPD investigator, Morgan Owens, said Robert Blount reportedly used a racial slur while on the phone with his girlfriend — the slur was overheard due to the phone being on speaker phone while attending a college football watch party on September 3.

Mekhi Telfair, one of the suspects, was at the party and heard the slur. Owens said Telfair and Blount began texting each other and arguing.

Shortly afterwards, Telfair supposedly asked his friend at the party, Koston McWaters, to drop him off in the proximity of Blount’s home.

Investigator Owens said on the stand that Telfair entered through the back of Blount’s home and killed him with a shotgun.

Both Telfair and McWaters are facing capital murder charges.

Their attorneys have requested the judge to give Telfair and McWaters a bond.

Houston County District Judge Benjamin Lewis has sent the case to a grand jury.