DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Moody Building opened its doors in 1913 and it stayed open for 50 years operating as a hospital, now Dothan officials have a new plan for the historic building.

Last September, the city of Dothan acquired the vacant building, and they are beginning to take steps in the redevelopment of the property, but first, they are seeking a helping hand from Houston County Commission.

“We’re asking the county to provide some assistance to us,” Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper said. “That’s important to try and keep the cost down as much as possible for this development.”

The city of Dothan is asking the Houston County Commission to assist in the demolition of three commercial buildings, as Cowper says the county is better equipped to do so. The city of Dothan has already demolished the three residential properties that stood in the way of this redevelopment.

The renovation and redevelopment of the old Moody Hospital in Downtown Dothan will take some time, but some plans are in place that could bring housing for Dothan residents.

“The Moody Hospital building itself will be renovated into apartments. I believe there will be 19 apartments in the old Moody Hospital,” Cowper said. “Then a new building with 39 apartments will be constructed and then the one-stop veterans center concept would be the third building on that site.”

Cowper also says that the construction and renovation of these three potential buildings will likely not occur until 2023.

“We’ve got to make an application for a historical tax credit for this redevelopment. That will take approximately all of 2022,” Cowper said.

Houston County Commission held their administrative meeting today, but the request for help from the city to demolish three nearby commercial buildings was moved to the agenda for their regularly scheduled meeting on January 24.