“Old” Slocomb Downtown theater is one step closer to demolition


SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN)—The city of Slocomb transferred ownership of the “old” downtown theater to
an adjacent property owner this week.

Expected to be the first step in the theater’s eventual “demolition.”
Since the early-20th century, the “old” movie theater has been a landmark in Downtown Slocomb.

Previously, the property had been voted on as “surplus property”. It’s expected that the theater will be “leveled”, and
a new structure will be built to take its place.

The last picture shown at the old Slocomb theater last appeared five or six decades ago.

Mayor Hinson says ” it’s not only an eyesore in the community but a safety hazard. It had a great purpose for a time and had sentimental value in the community, but we’re at a time where something has got to be done with it.”

Al Leech owns a sign company next door. He wishes the theater could be given new life but realizes
the expenses to do so would be exuberant for a small community like Slocomb.

“Actually a piano that was played at one time during interludes. Just about all the old-timers around here put their money down and went in and enjoyed it,” according to Leech.

Old-timers’ in eastern Geneva County say it has been more than five or six decades since picture shows
have played on the silver screen at the “old” theater.

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