Ozark City Schools implements mask mandate for faculty and students


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — At the meeting of the Ozark City Schools Board of Education on Thursday, the first topic was hiring employees.

“We are trying to make sure we get all of our employees hired before school starts,” Superintendent of Ozark City Schools, Reeivice Girtman said. “Our original start date is August 6th, and that is the date we will stay with.”

The second topic was mask mandates when school does start back.

Ozark City Board of Education members trusted Girtman with educating himself as much as possible before making a recommendation.

He looked at information from the Alabama Department of Public Health, the CDC, as well as the Pediatric Association and ultimately decided to recommend that students and faculty wear masks indoors and on school buses.

The board then voted unanimously in favor of his recommendation.

“I appreciate the board’s support tonight because I know this is not an easy decision to make,” said Girtman. “Masks are an inconvenience to some but a necessity to others and we have to think of those others as it relates to going back to school.”

He specified certain instances where a student or staff member can remove their mask, however.

“This mandate is only going to be for when student and staff members are in the building,” said Girtman. “And when they are outside they can remove their masks. Certainly when they are eating, if they have medical conditions and things like that. We will work with families under those special considerations because again, we want them in the building.”

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