OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Jim Little is beyond grateful to see another day after life flashed before his eyes when a lawnmower rolled over on top of him Saturday afternoon.

“First thing I thought, I should have been dead or severely injured because that thing fell on top of me,” Little said. “By the grace of God, I understand he takes care of drunks, fools, and stupid people and I fall under two of those categories a fool and stupid.”

Little was planning to cut 50 acres up the road from his house on Saturday.

But, as he was loading his zero-turn lawnmower onto his trailer that was parked on a steep ramp, the lawnmower raised up, dumped him out of the seat, and fell on top of him.

“I was hollering for my wife she was in the house and couldn’t hear me I had my phone in my pocket, this hand was pinned, and I thought my ankle was crushed, but I managed to get into my pocket to grab my phone and dial 911 it took me a couple of times,” He said.

Little was on the phone with Ozark dispatcher Kayla Colvin who he’s thankful for as she put the call in to get him immediate help and medical attention from Ozark police and EMS Rescue.

“I kept telling her Kayla I’m hurt and she said they are on the way and they showed up,” Little said emotionally.

Little said he thought he would have been paralyzed or dead — he lost a friend in an incident like this one about 10 years ago.

Although he is alive, he did suffer a good bit of lacerations all over his body and has been battling through muscle spasms but that’s nothing compared to the alternative.

“Other than that I’m doing good my right foot is swollen but hey God works his miracles that is all I can say,” Little said.

Ozark dispatchers were honored for their service at the Dale County Commission meeting on Tuesday.

Little said they often don’t receive the recognition they deserve and he’s thankful for all of the first responders who helped.