OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Shoshana Brand moved from Texas to a neighborhood in Ozark about ten months ago and so far it hasn’t been that much of a pleasant experience.

“I heard a rooster from my neighbors usually at night or very early in the morning 4 am or 5 am or very early in the morning and it’s not just one crow but it’s for hours,” Brand said.

She says the crows are disturbing as she works from home — and three weeks ago she reached her breaking point — that’s when she went down to try to talk with the homeowner about the crowing and offer solutions to minimize the noise.

“I gave it to her and she said what is it, I explained it to her and she said I’m very mad at you before you came here nobody complained about it,” She said.

WDHN spoke to the homeowner Michael Beasley and neighbors off-camera about the matter they were aware of the roosters as 12 neighbors signed a petition, but the crowing hasn’t been a problem for most of them.

“I know that they hear it I know they are older and don’t want to do anything about it people shouldn’t be victims,” Brand said.

Beasley owned the roosters for 8 years now as he purchased them as a pet for his wife to cope with after her mother’s death. After his neighbor has become uncomfortable, he has purchased a crow caller for the roosters to reduce the crowing but he says Brand took the matter to the city before they shipped to him.

According to the city ordinance, farm animals like horses, cattle, and chickens are only allowed in the rural and holding district zone — not in a neighborhood.

Therefore, the city has demanded the homeowners get rid of the roosters or take the matter to the Board and Zone adjustments to get an exception for the code.

A meeting is expected to take place on May 2nd to discuss the matter more unless the homeowners get rid of the animals before the meeting.