DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A boy had just finished watching a movie on a $3 dollar movie night at the Pavilion shopping center in Dothan and when he walked outside he was beaten up by other juveniles and his necklace was taken.

“I got a phone call it was from the Dothan Police Department, one of the officers at the DPD, they said that it was about my son regarding my son and that he was involved in an altercation where he was assaulted and robbed,” The victim’s mother, Carol said. “My heart dropped immediately and I called him and we basically ran out the door.”

The incident took place on Saturday evening.

When Carol and Anthony got to their son he was being treated for minor physical injuries and the son tells them he didn’t recognize the people that beat him up.

“I mean he is pretty shaken up by the entire situation,” Carol said. “He doesn’t know anybody. He didn’t know anybody.”

Now his parents want these kinds of altercations between juveniles to end.

“I really just want to ask our community to do better,” The victim’s father, Anthony said. “I don’t know if some of these kids feel like there is no other way, but there is always another way.”

“I think you know that is just that they are into it because it is cool,” Carol said. “I do want justice served for my son and anyone in the future.”

No suspects have been arrested yet, but the family hopes that the suspects will come forward.

Where this incident occurred, according to Carol is a popular place for parents to drop off their kids.

“Apparently bad things happen all of the time there. I didn’t know this. I would have been like, ‘No you can’t wait until the next showing. I’ll come back up here.’ He was with people who were 19 years old and his sister,” Carol said. “I’m thinking he’s ok, but he wasn’t”

If you have any information regarding this incident call Dothan Police Department at (334)-615-3000.