ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Shelves on the baby formula aisle in chain stores and local stores are empty or missing the popular brands due to a nationwide shortage stemming from supply chain issues and recalls.

“We have some brands of the Enfamil spit up and the Enfamil Prosobee but that’s about all we can get right now.

For Harlie Miller, her son Ryder is 11 weeks and he can only have the Enfamil Neuropro Brand — which is hard to find right now.

“We’ve had to drive all the way to Florida or even Geneva Alabama just to find one can of formula it’s been rough,” said Harlie Miller, a new mother.

She has tried other brands but it has caused her son to puke it back up.

“Some stores don’t have a limit on how many cans you get and some have a 5 can limit, but when you go you can’t get much,” Miller said. “You can get like two of this brand and like three of another brand.”

During the difficult times, the shortage is driving desperate parents to make the formula themselves or diluting the formula they do have by adding water — a huge health risk.

“That can cause issues like low sodium like seizures, death and sometimes also when the formula doesn’t have the right composition it can lead to problems like anemia,” said Dr. Kristin Sawyer, with Enterprise Pediatric Clinic.

While stores are working to get more formula back on the shelves in a timely manner, mothers like Miller is having to find safe alternatives.

“We have a bunch of family and friends keeping an eye on that formula, friends on Facebook message us saying we have this kind do you have this kind and we swapped, we have donor milk and when running low on the formula we use that,” Miller added.

There’s no telling how long this shortage will last but if you need help finding a specific formula or have any questions at all, contact your pediatrician.