(WDHN) — Enterprise mayoral candidates are still explaining why they would be the best for the job.

That’s why all this week, WDHN will talk with each mayoral candidate about his platform if elected. Each night, we’ll feature a different question that the candidates will respond to.

The third question of the series: Does Enterprise have a crime problem? If so, how would you fix it?

“We’re down 10 officers,” said mayoral candidate Bill Baker. “When you have fatigued officers on the street because they’re having to work overtime, because they don’t have those 10 extra bodies, it creates issues. Our city is facing those issues. Couple that with COVID-19 and people having to be inside the home, those things just multiply. So we do. What we would do to fix it, again, look at those gaps, find the funding for those gaps.”

“It’s a small crime problem in Enterprise just like it is anywhere else,” said Mayor William Cooper. “But one of the many things that we’re doing, I talked to the chief, we are upping our patrols in the various areas. Course we will have a police department just like any other department has lost a lot of people going into other areas. But the main thing that we are trying to do is keep down disturbances and that we try to talk to those who we feel like are going to be involved in different things. That way we are able to keep ourselves visible in the various communities and that’s how we can help solve that problem.”

“That’s a good question and that one is difficult,” said mayoral candidate Lister Reeves. “Any city right now, if they really want to be honest with themselves, probably has issues that they need to deal with. One of the ways that you deal with any problem is first you have to admit that there is a problem. Then you can begin to tackle that issue. What I believe we need to do is get together with our police department. We have got to have quality, community relations with our citizens. I would like to know that we can put our police force out there in any neighborhood in Enterprise that they’ll be able to walk that beat, talk to the citizens, the people that live in those neighborhoods, build a relationship with the citizens in each of those neighborhoods because I think that’s the key is having the citizens help you. They themselves can police a lot of things themselves just by having a good relationship with the police department so they’ll know that that police department is there to help us.”

“I think there’s a crime problem all across the United States,” said mayoral candidate Perry Vickers. “I think we’ve lost some of our values that we need to reinstill, not only in our young people, but in the adults as well. Enterprise has problems just like everybody else. One thing that we are facing is the fact that we have a shortage of police officers. Due to the way society is today and what they have to put up with, we are short police officers. One thing we need to do is to increase our police force and get it up to standard as far as the number of police officers we have. We’ve been very fortunate. We have a great police department but they need some help.”