(WDHN) — Enterprise mayoral candidates are still explaining why they would be the best for the job.

That’s why all this week, WDHN will talk with each mayoral candidate about his platform if elected. Each night, we’ll feature a different question that the candidates will respond to.

The fourth question of the series: As COVID-19 continues to be an issue throughout the Wiregrass, what do you believe is your role as mayor to help citizens during the pandemic?

“Set the example,” said mayoral candidate Bill Baker. “We have this thing called personal responsibility and I’m supposed to take care of you as well as you take care of me. When we have mandates come down from the state, we shouldn’t look at those as somebody infringing on our constitutional rights. Those are the things that we need to do to take care of our neighbors. So I would just set the example.”

“Well, first of all, we’ve got to look at our citizens as a whole,” said Mayor William Cooper. “Enterprise has been very fortunate. We said shop continuously, support your locals. Our taxes were somewhere 5% up above what it was last year even though we might have had that. But we’ve got to support our local businesses, we’ve got to continue to move goods in and out, and we’ve got to make sure that the people of Enterprise get what they need.”

“This pandemic, coronavirus, whatever you want to call it has surfaced nationwide obviously, here in Coffee County, Enterprise to be specific,” said mayoral candidate Lister Reeves. “One of the things is I believe in the personal freedoms and liberties of every individual. I believe we are to be wise but I believe that the city needs to put out a statement saying that we want every citizen to be responsible. But at the same time, we recognize the rights, the personal liberties of each person. In other words, lets talk about the masks for a second. I believe it’s each person’s responsibility to wear a mask if they so choose. But I believe, out in public, if a person chooses not to wear the mask, that should be given their opportunity to do that as well. But if a business wants them to wear a mask, then honor that, but lets don’t get into altercations over anybody’s personal freedoms. We’ve got to respect our constitutional rights as well as the individual rights of each citizen.”

“As mayor, I think the best thing that the mayor can do is to be one, a sounding board, two to be a person who can get out and explain why these provisions have been put down, these mandates have been put down and to realize that yes we’ve had problems before within this country,” said mayoral candidate Perry Vickers. “I had an aunt to die in the flu virus of 1918. We survived, but we survived by everybody joining together and doing what needed to be done. And I think that you’re going to see that. I think the mayor needs to get that across to everybody. It’s communication. That’s the main thing.”