Peach season just around the corner in the Wiregrass


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —  Are you feeling peachy? Well, you’re in luck because it’s almost peach season here in the Wiregrass.

John Aplin is the owner of Aplin Farms and tells WDHN his peaches will be ready for people to pick in just a matter of days.

They expected the peaches to be ripe already but according to Aplin the trees are so loaded with peaches, it is taking them a little longer to be ready.

“Fruit crops like peaches, strawberries, blueberries all of those fruit crops need a lot of cold during the wintertime and that is a lot of the reason why we have a real heavy crop,” Aplin said.

Peach season is very short. It typically starts at the beginning of May and only lasts four weeks.

In this short time, Aplin said they make a tenth of their sales because people from all over the Wiregrass trust that these peaches will be sweet once they are fully ripe.

“The color is deceiving because all of the peaches on the tree are red but they are still a week away from being ripe enough to pick,” Aplin said. “They are going to be a little soft and you’ll be able to actually smell those peaches whenever they get ripe.”

Aplin tells WDHN peaches grow year after year at the farm but every season brings a different lesson that helps improve the crops for next year.

According to Aplin, the peach orchard on his farm is about seven years old and will keep producing peaches until they are about 20-years-old.

He said the 350 peach trees he has are producing peaches above average this year.

“We are one of the few you pick peach orchard for several miles and there isn’t a lot of you pick places left anymore,” Aplin said.

Aplin wants to emphasize peaches are not quite ready yet. He said once they are, people in the Wiregrass will be able to enjoy juicy peaches for the whole month of May.

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