With Sunday being the last day of the Peanut Festival, only about half the festival was open today, and security was much closer to normal.

After the shooting Saturday, the Peanut Festival brought in extra officers from both Dothan police and Houston County police.

The extra security totaled to about 40-50 officers as they helped patrol and checked the bags of incoming guests for weapons.

Sunday, however, there were much fewer officers. Only about 6 extra Dothan police were sent to help watch the grounds, and bags were no longer being checked.

Although security was not nearly as intense as it was Saturday, police say they’re still remaining very vigilant.

While no problems arose Saturday night, festival officials say that it was the right call. They also say that guests appreciated the extra security and that they received no complaints about the bag checks.

“Everybody was very glad we had increased security. I think the Dothan P.D., Houston County sheriffs office, they really came out, and showed out, did great, and everybody was very grateful they were here last night,” said the Peanut Festivals safety and security officer Scott Palmer.

Officials say they don’t think the events of Saturday, nor the extra security hurt attendance for the final Saturday of the festival.

“Everything’s been real good, and like I’ve told you before, this fair runs good. We’ve got tremendous volunteers, and I want to shout out to the Dothan police department and all the law enforcement that helped us yesterday. They were right on… Right on target, and we appreciate everything they’ve done for us,” Peanut Festival Vice President Phillip Tidwell said.

Despite these unforeseen events, as well as the storms on Thursday, the Peanut Festival still considers this year to be a success.