DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Construction crews are preparing for Phase 3 of the Ross Clark Circle Widening Project which could end up being the most hectic part this far.

Right now, traffic on the circle is flowing around freely, but soon orange barrels will make their way back into your daily commute.

“City managers stress to love your barrels so the week after July 4th there will be some construction signage go into place,” Dothan Public Works Director said.

That’s because the city is rolling into Phase 3 of the project — expanding the roadway from four lanes to six between Choctaw Street and Cherokee Avenue.

Surveyors have already started staking the project.

“When the project does get started it won’t have an immediate impact on traffic in this area, they will do some work off the right away, there’s a retaining wall that needs to be built but it’s still gonna be a while before we see impact,” Wright said.

But you can start experiencing the congestion after the first month — Wright said it will have the same impact as Phase 2.

“Right now a typical road is 12 feet and it’s gonna get squeezed to 11 feet to give them more room so that will really impact traffic,” He said.

Especially in a highly-populated area due to many businesses and restaurants.

Wright said in Phase 2 the city received numerous complaints from businesses about the lack of access because of the construction.

This time, they worked with the chamber to make sure every business in the area can do business efficiently during the roadwork.

“All your access points will be open at all times there will always be one access point open,” Wright added.

The city and the state will put out additional signage to help the public and businesses during this three-year project.