DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Pinckard police and the man who ran from authorities multiple times have given their individual sides of the story.

Tuesday afternoon Pinckard resident James Johnson turned himself into authorities after leading police on three separate chases over the past several weeks.

Reportedly the chases stemmed from an August 18th dispute at the Pinckard Police Department that involved Johnson’s son.

“His dad came up to the police department when he found out he was up there,” said Pinckard Police Chief Lowell Williams. “(Johnson) came up and got in the middle of that interview.”

According to police, Johnson became belligerent during his son’s interview.

Yet Johnson said that isn’t the full story.

“He (the officer) starts asking my son questions and all that and it gets to where he’s accusing my son,” Johnson said. “I tell the officer, I said we would like an attorney present if it’s going this way and he looks at me and says you get out.”

Police said Johnson then refused to leave and was ejected from the building.

“According to the officer, he allegedly got belligerent in there and the officer ordered him out of the police department and he refused to go,” Williams said. “So he was ejected from the police department.”

But Johnson said there was more to it.

“And he runs up to me and hits his chest into mine and knocks me against the wall,” Johnson said. “He grabs me around the throat with both hands and pins me to the wall and is choking me.”

Reportedly the incident didn’t stop there.

“Then he fled the scene on his truck and went down to his house and then he fled again once he got to the house,” Williams said.

Johnson told News 18 he had been threatened by Pinckard police before and fled out of fear.

“I had my doubts when they came up,” Johnson said. “I didn’t know if I was fixing to get the crap beat out of me to be honest with you.”

Johnson turned himself in at the Dale County Jail on four warrants including resisting arrest, obstructing governmental operations, disorderly conduct and eluding police.

He was bonded out by A-Advantage Bonding.

According to police, more warrants are expected to be issued later.