Police talk dangers of door to door sales

Several residents in neighborhoods around Dothan are concerned about door to door solicitors. They say they are concerned for their safety. 
Dothan Police Department Investigator Shane Ash says there are certain laws these peddlers must obey.
“If someone is going door to door, and they are trying to sell or advertise or do anything in this city they should have a solicitors and peddling permit,” said Ash. “They are required by law to have them.”
Ash says there are certain time frames solicitors must do business in.
“They can only do this during the hours of 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday,” said Ash. “Sunday or any holiday is prohibited.”
He says the sales people must follow soliciting signs.
“If they go to any neighborhood in the city of Dothan and that neighborhood has a sign that says soliciting is prohibited, they are not allowed to be there,” said Ash. “They are trespassing.”
Ash says solicitors who break the rules could be dangerous. 
“You’ve potentially got a predator who is not following the laws and what are they doing?” asked Ash. “Why are they going door to door? Are they checking to see if someone’s there to commit a burglary or are they actually selling something?  Either way, if they haven’t gotten the license, they are doing something they shouldn’t be. It’s something illegal.”
Ash says authorities should be notified if solicitors are breaking the law.
“If they’re not following the law and they’re not showing who they are, what they are there for, you need to call us, we need to go there, we need to respond,” said Ash.

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