Political commentator and state representative discuss upcoming special session


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Once a decade the state of Alabama looks at the latest census numbers, and with that data state lawmakers are required to redistrict the Congressional, State Legislative, and the Alabama State Board of Education lines.

According to house representative Paul Lee and political commentator Steve Flowers, the lines in the Wiregrass will not be changing that much.

“I don’t see it changing very much at the state level,” District 86 State Representative, Paul Lee said.

“It looks as though from what I can tell and talking with legislators in the Wiregrass that they are going to be one of the least affected,” Political Commentator Steve Flowers said. “As far as new lines are concerned.”

The districts change based on the population in certain areas and the Wiregrass has seen the population rise.

“But the growth of the Wiregrass has been parallel or on par with the rest of the state,” Flowers said.

Lawmakers and commentators once thought that they would lose one of their seven districts in District 2, which includes Montgomery, Dothan, Enterprise, and a total of 15 counties in the Wiregrass and river region.

There was initial concern the district would be lost, but that’s not the case.

“Which means the 2nd congressional district will remain Dothan and the Wiregrass will remain in the 2nd district,” Flowers said.

The proposed maps of the new districts will be available tomorrow and then they will have an idea of what to expect on Thursday.

“This is not going to be an easy special session because when ever you deal with people’s line they run under. They have to be altered some and people aren’t happy with that,” Flowers said.

“And so there are a lot of moving parts. Then we will try to work that out according to the law of what it is today,” Lee said

Representative Lee says that the special session should last between a 7 to 10 days to make sure that every district is properly drawn.

Lawmakers we have spoken with say that a bill will also be proposed that will give $40 million to hospitals and $40 million to nursing homes if it passes.

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