DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — After a whole year, workers finally broke ground on the RIP Hewes Stadium, Monday afternoon.

General Services Director Andrews Love said it’s set to soon be the new destination point for the city.

“It’s in the center of the city you know 50 plus years old and so the city leadership has decided to reinvest in the RIP Hewes stadium property,” Love said.

Last year, city commissioners were looking to improve parts of the stadium and approved workers to begin the first phase. Attendees can expect changes from seating, parking lot space, and more.

“We’re going to renovate the parking lot on the east and west side of the stadium, repave the parking lot which hasn’t been done in a long time,” Love said.

In addition, a digital video scoreboard that they hope to have by late September, new led lighting, and concession stands.

“We probably won’t have all the paving down before football season starts but we’re gonna deliberately work through that so that we can still have the football games this fall with a minimal impact with the parking lot,” Love said.

“It’d just be more of a destination for activities in the city more than just a few times in the fall for high school football,” Love said.

This means more opportunities for the city to have all sporting events such as, football, softball, and soccer. Along with movie nights, possible field days, and so much more. The goal is to make it feel like a park neighborhood, they are working on phase two and plan to begin that when football season ends.

“The residents will see that it’s it’s more of a, we’ve become more of a destination park than just a football stadium in the middle of the parking lot,” Love said.