DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — “The hurt that we felt I can’t describe that,” Precious Warren’s cousin LaShenia McNair said. “Her kids are still looking for her to pick them up.”

Dothan mother of five, Precious Warren, was killed in a shooting in downtown Dothan in October. Carmen Kirkland, who is the murder suspect in her shooting, was released on bond late Monday evening, and the victim’s family is pleading for justice.

On October 18 on Walnut Street, Dothan police say a pregnant woman got into a fight with another woman over a man who had children with both women.

Those two women were Precious Warren, 33, and Carmen Kirkland, 31. The fight ensued and Warren was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Kirkland was facing two counts of capital murder, and on Monday she was released from jail on a $150,000 bond. Kirkland’s case will now be heard before the Houston County Grand Jury to determine if a trial is imminent.

After hearing of Kirkland getting out of jail on bond, Precious Warren’s family is continuing to seek justice for their daughter, sister, cousin, mother, and friend.

“It doesn’t feel like justice, but I know justice will be served,” McNair said.

“The detriment of this I can’t describe it. I don’t know where the strength comes from, but I know we are a praying family,” McNair said.

The shooting that led to the death of Precious Warren was also in front of Warren’s three young children. Only one of the children, a 2-year-old recalls what happened and remembers her mother being shot.

“And the one that witnessed it, she’s angry, she’s two years old and she’s angry, and she knows the lady’s name. She saw her shoot her mom,” McNair said.

Warren’s family feels that Kirkland being out on bond is creating a precedent for similar cases.

“Your setting a tone for more crime to be committed, you’re saying that it’s okay to murder someone,” McNair said.

We reached out to the lawyer of the suspect and have received no response at this time.

“Her spending time with her family and her kid is not fair,” McNair said.