ENTERPRISE, Ala(WDHN) — Over the past few days, Hurricane Fiona left a trail of destruction around Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Myra Aponte is a San Juan native, who has been living in Enterprise for over 30 years but Puerto Rico holds a special place in her heart as she visits yearly.

“I go and come back to visit family and just do my tourism,” Aponte said.

Her tourism has to hold off now due to the destruction of the category 1 Hurricane Fiona that made landfall around the southwestern coast.

The storm produced excessive amounts of flooding during heavy rainfall, home damage, and downed power lines.

“It was very impressive to see the bridge being washed off, losing half of the street, I know how it is driving down the roads some of the mountains are so narrow and to miss half of it, it’s difficult to get around,” She said.

Fiona hit almost exactly five years after Hurricane Maria plunged the island into a long blackout.

Aponte has family dispersed all throughout Puerto Rico — she says due to the aftermath, it was difficult to find out their status.

“It’s been a blessing to at least see they have checked themselves as safe what my family does is they try to get together in the strongest house until the rain pass,” She added.

She said the last hurricane taught them how to endure challenges like bad water and having no electricity.

But with this hurricane adding to the misery, she’s worried about the lingering effects.

“They saying that San Juan and some of the areas of the metropolitan has electricity coming in little by little but my most concern is for the senior family members so that they can cook and get around,” She said.

Aponte said there will be a relief drive to help those in Puerto Rico at Johnny Henderson Park in Enterprise on October 8.