Recent spike in pedestrians hit on Ross Clark Circle according to Dothan Police


According to the Dothan Police Department, more pedestrians have been getting hit recently on the 2900 block of Ross Clark Circle.

“Anywhere in that construction zone we’ve had a lot of problems with pedestrians walking through that area, not just the construction workers but people traveling through,” Dothan Police Department Sgt. William Phares said. “And not obeying the correct laws and what to do in those situations and unfortunately getting injured.”

Phares said the old adage that pedestrians have the right away is not true.

According to Alabama law 32-5a-212 and 215 pedestrians are to yield to motor vehicles. Phares said if you have to cross to do so at intersections and crosswalks.

“You’re supposed to cross at a crosswalk,” Phares said. “You can not cross diagonally at a crosswalk. But a all time even if you’re in a crosswalk you still have to yield the right away to a moving vehicles.”

According to Phares, most people that are hit are under the influences of alcohol or drugs.

He said if you’re going to use alcohol, don’t use these roadways.

“Especially Ross Clark Circle or any major major highway these are 3 and 6 lanes these are very wide roads,” Phares said. “Just because you think you can make it you may not be able to make it. And that’s been a couple of times when someone’s bee ran over they thought they could make it.”

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