OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — State Senator Clyde Chambliss is looking to repeal the state grocery tax for 2020.

The current state tax is 4% that is added on top of the city and county tax in Alabama.

While people are for it, it will take away from the state’s revenue for things like the education trust fund.

“I mean overall, for the average person that would be good but they need to understand exactly what it does, and the fact that how are we gonna replace that lost revenue,” State Representative Steve Clouse said.

Clouse says close to $400 million would be taken out of the education system if the grocery tax was cut.

The tax is added to city and county taxes, which means in places like Dothan and Ozark the tax would go down to 5%.

However, the tax would need to come from somewhere else.

“We’d have to double our property taxes, and it would have to go to our general fund not to education,” Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting said. “Cause most all of our property tax also that we have in the City of Ozark goes to support education.”

Representative Clouse says property and income tax would have to be a source of revenue for education.

“To change either one of those would have to be a vote of the people,” Clouse said. “So, I think you would have to do something along the lines of income tax or property tax to be able to achieve this.”