Report: Meth-using mom charged with manslaughter of baby


A mom who used meth while pregnant and continued using it after her baby was born is charged with negligent manslaughter in the death of the child.

In Lisette Lee Taylor’s arrest affidavit, Graceville police documented several issues that may have led to the death of her baby.

The issues began immediately after the baby was born in October 2017 when the little girl tested positive for amphetamines at Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan, the affidavit states. Taylor reportedly told agents with Alabama’s Department of Human Resources that it was due to taking a Sudafed pull.

Taylor and the baby were released from the hospital, and because Taylor lived in Graceville, the case was transferred to Florida’s Department of Children and Families. 

On Oct. 30, 2017, Graceville officers were called to Taylor’s home on Cliff Street. Officers found the baby dead and noted that rigor mortis had already set in. According to her arrest affidavit, Taylor noticed that the baby was unresponsive, but instead of calling 911, she called a friend and then waited for half an hour before calling for help.

Other members of Taylor’s household told investigators that on the day the baby died the child could be heard crying, but they never heard Taylor moving around to feed her. The report goes on to say that the baby only gained two ounces in the 20 days she was alive.

Taylor was arrested late last week and charged with manslaughter by causing the death of another by culpable negligence due to her actions or inactions.

Officials with Alabama’s Department of Human Relations referred questions on the case to Florida’s Department of Children and Families. DCF officials said late Monday that they would have to gather more information about the case before responding.

Taylor is being held on a $300,000 bond.

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