Representative Barry Moore Kicked off his 2021 campaign season


ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Representative Barry Moore Kicked off his 2021 campaign season.

“I am not a politician, I am a business owner,” Alabama Representative Barry Moore said. “Who has agreed to go and serve the American people. I have served them for about 8 or 9 months but we have already solved about 600 veterans affairs cases, passport issues. And so we truel went to this an approach to public service.”

The number of people that showed up at this event let Barry Moore know he has the right idea.

“It is a calling we are going to go serve,” Rep. Moore. “And I think we are going a good job of serving. I have hired a great staff of servants hearts. And so I have been pleased with how it is going so far. This launch is quite remarkable. You can tell we have a ton of support.”

Congressman Moore says there is too much tearing the American people apart.

And had an anecdote about the American people, and how we should come together.

“My son tells a story of where you have red and black ants were living in an aquarium. And they built tunnels and functioning fine until someone shook the aquarium,” representative Moore said. “Then they attacked each other. We as the American people need to figure out who is shaking our aquarium. We need to learn to work together, we are so much better united.”

Even though congressman Moore says he is not a politician, he will still reach out to the people to figure out what is best for them. And try to reach across that aisle, and bridge the gap between opposing parties.

“My plan is to unite, reach across the aisle where we can,” said Moore. “Protect people’s liberty and restore the confidence of what we do. At that point, we will hopefully we will be able to make a difference for the future of the country and these next few generations coming in. We don’t talk about our opponents. We just talk about our record. And that’s the key. What have you done and what are you going to do?”

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