HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Currently, two EMS Services in Henry County provide medical assistance outside of their city limits which can stretch the crews thin.

Now some extra funding could be headed their way to help serve those rural areas of the county.

Headland Fire and Rescue has two crews who serve within the Headland city limits, but when they receive calls outside of the city limits they respond.

In Abbeville, they have one crew who serves the people in Abbeville but also serves rural areas of the county.

Now the Henry County Commission is working with both entities to give them some extra funding from the county’s general budget.

“I regret that we haven’t done anything on the rural part of the EMS funding,” Henry County Commission Chairman, David Money said. “We have some money that we have pledged to support EMS service in Henry County.”

The vote to pass the funding was tabled at the county’s monthly commission meeting

This is to allow both cities to meet with their departments and decide how the money will be dispersed.

The city of Abbeville is scheduled to meet with the Abbeville Fire and Rescue unit sometime in October.

“This just puts us in a position to help them financially,” Money said. “Hopefully, it will increase salaries for EMS workers a little bit. It will increase their training, so that when they get to the scene not only will they get there a little more quickly, but they will be trained and know what to do to get that citizen taken care of.”

At November’s commission meeting money is hoping to have the commissioners a plan that will have details such as:

The amount they are granting and how it will be funded.

Originally, COVID-19 funds were set to go towards the EMS, but now the COVID-19 funds will go towards Henry County Jail improvements, while funds in the general budget will go towards the two EMS entities

The discussion on the funds has been tabled until the November 16th Henry County Commission meeting, as both entities are trying to get their numbers together.