DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The city of Dothan owns 16.8 percent of the Houston County Farm Center, as Houston County Commission waits for the city to approve the sale of the Farm Center.

The vote for the sale of the Houston County Farm Center was supposed to take place this week, but due to some new information that has been discovered in the deed for the property the city of Dothan now has to get involved in the sale.

“You know, we we’re brought in a little bit later and so we just need a little more time to process everything,” Mayor of Dothan Mark Saliba said.

“Either they would have to vote to agree to the sale and be apart of the sale which would be somewhat confusing or transfer their interest to us, which we are asking them to do,” Houston County Commission Chairman, Mark Culver said.

Houston County is asking the city of Dothan to transfer it’s nearly 17 percent ownership of the farm center to the county, but the city also has the ability to be a part of the sale, as there are some possible hurdles to jump.

“There are some challenges with the property that come with it and the city has a well on one side over there, so just some things that we need to work through before moving forward,” Mayor Saliba said.

The Brightwork group out of Florida has already offered $2.5 million for the property and Culver says that as long as they continue to move forward in this process, that it shouldn’t create any issues.

Mayor Saliba says the city also wants to look into what the 40-acre property would be used for.

“Any property that is in the city limits is always of interest to us and how it is going to be developed,” Mayor Saliba said.

The Houston County Commission has checked already with the developer which says the city of Dothan will be given time to discuss the possible sale.

The city of Dothan says that it will spend the next couple of weeks looking into offer in preparation for a vote at the next regular city commission meeting January 4.