DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The March 2022 sales tax numbers are in and Dothan brought in 1.6 million dollars more than they did last year– the highest profit this year so far.

“Inflation high, with the cost of living high, supply chain issues, workforce labor issues, the economy is still moving strong,” Mayor Mark Saliba said.

And that’s a huge relief to the city government and small local businesses that were hit hard in march of 2021.

“That was a hectic year for everybody I feel like everybody finally able to get out and not have to worry about everything and make things go around like it used to,” Sierra Stapleton said.

The city typically sees an increase in sales tax every year and even on a monthly basis– except this past February when numbers dropped 7 percent from the previous year but Mayor Saliba says the total was still higher than it has been in the past.

Not only did the sales tax increase for March, but the lodging tax increased 43 percent since the last March.

“You know we have a lot of business people coming in during the week and that’s when they fill up our hotels and probably a slight increase due to people just traveling as long as there is not another COVID surge it will continue to go up,” Mayor Saliba said.

Mayor Saliba believes Dothan will continue to progress. These funds will go into the general fund which helps cover projects in the city.