Samson City Council closes roads and alleyways that have no use


SAMSON, Ala. (WDHN) — The city council approved the closure of Plumb Street, which is located at the end of South Clements, but Plumb never became an official road.

For years, nearby residents had requested that these roadways be permanently removed from the city map.
It costs the city around $500.00 for each street to be permanently closed.

“What we’re running into, on both streets, they actually have never been opened and will never be opened,” Mayor King said. “They are in extremely wet environments and the property next to it is a wet area too, preventing any homes or anything else from being built.”

Mayor King told WDHN News, that if there were any utility easements along those sections of roadways that are closed, the city will still have the option to be able to use it.

Over recent months, the council also approved the permanent closure of several plotted alleyways that were never built. In fact, two of them are mapped where homes are located.

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