SAMSON, Ala. (WDHN) — Last week, doctors from across the state of Alabama, backed by five legislators, sent a letter urging Governor Kay Ivey to pass a bill against vaccine mandates.

Dr. William Childs, a physician at Samson Clinic was one of 23 doctors who signed the letter. He said he isn’t against vaccines but he is just trying to care for his patients.

Dr. Childs says misinformation has a lot to do with that concern. He said he knows vaccines have benefits, but has worries about the long-term effect of any vaccines that haven’t been studied for a long period of time.

“For any experiment therapy, you need to take the risks and the benefits and weigh them out for that particular patient,” Dr. Childs said. “I don’t think that is being done. I think you have one narrative out there, and that is everyone needs to be vaccinated.”

Dr. Childs said he feels everyone should have the freedom to decide what is going into their body. He said people need to be able to make the choice as to whether or not they should get a vaccine.

According to Childs that is the reason why he and others are calling on Governor Ivey to not issue any type of vaccine mandate since as he put it, not everyone needs the COVID-19 vaccine.