Governor Kay Ivey has signed legislation for two private schools in the state to hire their own police force.

Briarwood Presbyterian school and Madison Academy will be granted to hire their own police officers. According to the law, the schools may appoint and employ one or more suitable persons to act as police officers. These persons shall be charged with all the duties and invested with all the powers of police officers, including the power of arrest for unlawful acts committed on the property.

The law does not permit any other schools to hire there own police force.

For schools in the Wiregrass, Houston county is increasing their school resource officer program. Currently, they have five officers and the school board is adding two additional officers for the new school year.

“It will almost give us one per school, we need them at all of our sites,” said David Sewell, Houston County school superintendent.

One school resource officer will be at Ashford while the other two will be at Rehobeth.

“The salaries sheriff department through the county and the sheriff department will equip them through spare vehicles,” Sewell added.

The law will go into effect this fall.