DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — 20 Wiregrass softball teams are competing in one of the largest sporting events held in Dothan – the Dothan Diamond Classic.

“We divide those 20 teams of 4 days of pool play and however they finish for pool play they go into a single-elimination bracket,” said Rhonda Kirk, the tournament coordinator.

Friday started single-elimination play — if a team wins, the championship hopes are still alive and if you lose, you go home.

The more games a team wins, the more money a team brings home to its softball program.

“The goal is to play four or 5 games and make that money we’re in this business to give back to our schools and our girls,” Kirk said.

But it’s not solely about the money, for senior shortstop and second baseman, Lilly Bright it’s an opportunity to scope out other teams before the postseason and beef up their competitive spirits.

“Last year we had a very big graduating class so it’s a building year but teams like Brantley, Providence, and HA have to push us for not only being better than we are but the future and how we have to build up to it,” Bright said.

The Wolves players would love to win it all but if not, they hope they can look back on the tournament day by day and realize they have improved.

“Our word for the season is Mudita which is happy for the other success we are happy for our teammates but ultimately we want to beat yesterday,” Bright said.

Dothan lost to Brantley 0-15.