ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Severe weather events are traumatic for Willie Horstead Jr. who lives in a mobile home in the Shiloh community off Highway 84 west in Elba.

“I don’t wanna get washed out from down here this is home,” Willie Horstead Jr. said. “I go stay with my relatives until things clear up and when I come back home I got water all in my yard and I have to walk all through it to get inside my home.”

Residents believe the issue stems from 2018 when the state turned Highway 84 into a four-lane.

In this video taken a couple of weeks ago, you can see the pipes under the highway are dumping water onto residential property.

“It’s real fast and you can’t even stop it and it’s coming into my yard,” Timothy Williams said.

Which eventually spills into Horstead’s yard.

The regular floods are not only damaging his yard, but his kitchen is starting to sink which will eventually flood his pockets.

“To be frank I don’t have a lot in my personal funds,” Horstead said.

Timothy Williams, who owns the property where the three pipes are located has spent a pretty penny trying to fix the issue.

“I’ve spent over $1300 trying to fix this issue putting pipes in, bringing dirt in paying people to come in and dig by hand,” Williams said.

He has reached out to the state and federal government, but no work has been done yet.

“They created it so we need them to come to fix the situation it’s a big problem,” Williams said.

WDHN reached out to the state about this issue for a comment about a possible plan in progress, but so far no response.