Singapore deploys robots to police bad behavior


A robot patrols a shopping and residential district during a three-week trial by Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) in Singapore on September 6, 2021, reminding people to observe proper social behaviour such as not smoking in public and not to gather in more than groups of five. (Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

SINGAPORE (WTVO) — Singapore has begun trying out patrol robots in public areas to detect bad social behavior.

According to Reuters, Singapore’s Home Team Science and Technology Agency said Sunday it has put two autonomous robots on trial to check if people are disobeying Covid-19 safety protocols, smoking in prohibited areas, or parking bicycles improperly.

The robots, named Xavier, can send real-time alerts to their command and control center.

The agency said the robots will be active for a three-week trial period, and promised they would not be used for law enforcement during the trial.

“The deployment of Xavier will support the work of public officers as it will reduce the manpower required for foot patrols and improve operation efficiency,” the agency said.

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