SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — In the last week, violent crime in the circle city has filled the headlines, and led off the WDHN newscasts.

Slocomb is a ‘bedroom community’ with many of its residents commuting to Dothan for work. But, Slocomb authorities want to make sure violent crime does not cross the city limits.

Slocomb is known for its famous, tasty tomatoes maintains its small town image. But, the recent 2020 census results showed the city as the fastest growing community in Geneva County.

With its close proximity to Dothan, many folks from the circle city have moved to eastern Geneva County for less expensive land and a rural life.

Slocomb Police Chief Scott Howerton says growth is fantastic, but the violent crime wave seen in Dothan is definitely not wanted, and not welcomed.

“For the most part our department is very proactive. We go into our schools and try and be known on a first-term basis,” Chief Howerton said.

Retired, Slocomb Police Chief and now, City Councilman Don White told WDHN News, the key to ending the violence is getting to know the community.

“You could probably call the biggest reserve in the state,” White said. “It probably incorporates most of our community because they do care about the people who live here in the community. They care about their kids growing up in a safe community, they care about our seniors as well. So everybody does do their part to watch out for each other. In this town, in this community, we call home.”

Authorities say community policing, getting into the schools, the ball fields, and meeting residents on a one-on-one basis are one way to help defuse violent crime.