SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — Albert Dismuke has been living on Mozzell Road in Slocomb for over 20 years now, but during heavy amounts of rainfall as we have experienced lately — his home tends to look like a lake house due to his property flooding.

“I just want this water gone,” Albert Dismuke said. “It will get up to about the bottom line of my electrical fence there that’s about a foot maybe.”

He said he hasn’t had a problem until about a little over a year ago — when the road and bridge department finally graded the area and ended up replacing old small underground pipes with new small pipes. The new pipes installed haven’t helped the problem.

“I need a larger pipe like what they put up the road going back to the highway put in and put it down deep enough where it’s below the water level,” Dismuke said.

Dismuke said the water tends to run onto his property and has seen times when the water comes up to his mobile home.

With the standing water in his yard, it’s concerning with the dangers of lingering flood water considering he has grandchildren who like to visit on the weekends.

“They be outside playing and I would hate to come out and they got on a snake I just don’t need that,” He said.

We reached out to the county officials about the ongoing flooding issue.

“It appears there could be some off-right-away issues the landowner is having that can’t involve the county,” Commissioner Spivey said in a quote.

However, Commissioner Spivey and Dismuke have made contact with each other to hopefully work towards alleviation soon.

“I just want them to get out here and do what they are supposed to do they got the funds to do it with,” He said.