ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The Southeast Sun and the Daleville Sun Courier newspaper stopped their publishing this week after over four decades of providing local news for enterprise and its surrounding areas.

“I’ve been here from the beginning and now I’m seeing the end of it,” Caroline said. “We’ve shed tears and wrestled this decision.”

That’s because the COVID-19 pandemic left a huge print on the media production company — advertisers couldn’t get products due to supply chain issues to run ads with the paper and the newspaper company had a hard time finding people to work.

The Southeast Sun has an aged staff of 6 people — half of what they had before the pandemic.

“Lack of carriers which means we have to throw more routes,” Russell Quattlebaum said. “We had to get involved with getting the papers from the printing to the carrier to we became the carrier trying to get them to people’s homes.”

For roughly two decades, the newspaper industry has been struggling, but the Quattlebaums say the community newspaper market is strong.

And that’s what they will miss the most — being a dependable source for their readers.

“I was at Enterprise graduation standing on the field and thinking it was gonna be the last one I know how important it is for people to see their family members and kids,” Caroline Quattlebaum said.

“Who’s going to tell the community stories now? Who can put it in writing and make it true? Most publications put out things and it’s half of the story, we don’t do that. We are true and accurate.” Russell Quattlebaum said.

Even though the company will not print any more physical copies, they will still share news on their website at least until the end of September.