DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With the Iron Bowl Saturday, many sports bars were preparing for one of their biggest crowds of the year.

To prepare for these numbers, most bars made sure they had extra food prepared and that all hands were on deck.

“Make sure we had a lot of wings cooked. Oh yea. Lots of ranch ready,” Beef ‘O’ Brady’s workers Jaylen Cawley, Miranda Matthews, and Easter Enfinger told WDHN.

“Yea a lot of people are working. We probably doubled our staff up just to be ready. We want to give that ultimate game day experience so, we’ve got a full house, everybody’s excited to work, and just here to vibe with the crowd,” General manager of Dothan Buffalo Wild Wings Shane Bedford said.

While they expected big crowds all day, they believed the biggest crowd would come in right before the game started.

“As it starts probably about… 2? Probably about 2. About 30 minutes. Yea. Everybody will start packing in here,” Beef ‘O’ Brady’s workers also said.

These crowds are very common for the Iron Bowl, with these numbers happening nearly every year.

“Every year is this busy. I mean if you’re in the state of Alabama, it’s the Iron Bowl. It’s basically our state holiday. So we’re busy. We’ve got beer and we’ve got wings. We’re ready,” Bedford also said.

Alongside being ready for the crowds, they are also ready for the game itself. With almost everyone having a side, most are happy to weigh in who they hope will win.

“Oh it’s Roll Tide. You know we’ve got to redeem ourselves so it should be an interesting game. Should be competitive. The Iron Bowl, you can’t really look at the spreads you just- it’s a rivalry so it’s anybody’s game,” Shane Bedford said.

People across the Wiregrass were excited and ready for one of the souths biggest rivalries.