VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WDHN) — It was like a Ray Stevens song come to life over at the Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church Sunday morning.

Right before the congregation passed peace to one another, a shrill scream rang out through the church, and it wasn’t a “hallelujah.”

As senior pastor Bill Brunson explained, a squirrel decided to join the praise and worship via a stained glass window and made its way to the balcony, encouraging the members seated there “to get a little more spirited than usual.”

“I like that we’re now trying to trap it with an offering plate,” Brunson said, watching as parishioners tried to shoo away the furry visitor.

He then said that tying in the service’s theme of stewardship, they are grateful that offering plates can be used for many things, just before another scream rang out.

“If you have any squirrel capturing skill, please, if that’s your spiritual gift, move to the balcony and assist in the hunt,” Brunson said.

Eventually, the squirrel was caught and shown the way out while the congregation tried to sing over the congregation, ending the Alabama Squirrel Revival once and for all.

“Now may you be seated in the sure and certain knowledge that the squirrel is no longer sharing worship with us this morning,” pastor-in-residence Sherry Harris said, continuing the service.

If you’re looking for more laughs, go ahead and watch Ray Stevens’ “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” on Youtube.