DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — On Monday, city and state officials announced a 317,000 square-foot, FedEx Ground facility which will stand ground at the Sam Houston Industrial Park.

Officials all agree that the announcement makes today a great day, not only in the Circle City but for the Wiregrass and the whole state of Alabama.

“The amount of money involved, with industrial access roads, the incentives that go into it but it’s going to be well worth the price that we are paying,” Alabama Representative Steve Clouse said.

The price tag for the new FedEx Center is set to cost a total of $57 million and will help create 200 plus jobs in the area, with training starting as early as high school.

“That students will be able to train to start in high school going into their higher ed courses, then have a job waiting for them,” Representative Clouse said.

Officials said this new facility will help strengthen Dothan’s distribution efforts and help continue to grow the city into a key distribution center serving the entire tri-state area.

“To have this type of company come in and provide these types of jobs where they can have a career, not just a job but a career and opportunity for advancement,” Alabama Senator Donnie Chesteen said.

The new FedEx facility is set to be the largest economic development project in Dothan in all of 2020.

“We have gotten some really good things but other areas of the state seem to be prospering a little more than we are, there to say, and we are ready to bring them into the Wiregrass,” Senator Chesteen said.

Construction on the facility is set to break ground in December, with the completion of the new FedEx plant expected in the latter part of 2022.