PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Over 11 properties, formerly owned and seized by former CRA Director Michael Johnson, were auctioned to the public on Panama City’s government website.

The city opened bidding on August 15th and closed the auction on Tuesday afternoon.

Combined, the properties sold for over $1.4 million.

Out of the 11 properties, 10 are currently occupied by tenants. As a result of the auction, the tenants have until April to vacate the premises. They are also given $5,000 to assist with moving expenses.

Commissioners hope that the revenue can be used to mend the wounds from Johnson’s embezzlement scandal, where he stole over $1 million from the city.

“So all the money that is generated from the proceeds of the auction will go to the friends of ASAP and make that whole again. However, we went through all of this so that we wouldn’t create other waves in the wake of trying to right what was wrong. We also didn’t want to make more wrongs in the process. So this is why we’ve offered the extended leases. This is why we’ve offered the $5,000 in moving costs,” said Commissioner Brian Grainger.

One of the properties already had a buyer prior to the auction; thus making the highest bidder a “backup” buyer. If the original buyer is not able to complete the purchase of the home, the city can void the contract and award the property to the winner of Tuesday’s auction.