NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — It’s an age-old debate around the dining room table each Thankgiving — is it dressing or is it stuffing?

WGNO sports reporter Jack Culotta asked the question at Saints camp on Thursday. Saints co-defensive coordinator Kris Richard had a very detailed answer.

Jack Culotta, WGNO Reporter: “What’s your go-to Thanksgiving meal, and do you call it stuffing or dressing?”

Kris Richard, Saints Co-Defensive Coordinator: “It is stuffing. I can’t put it on my salad, so I can’t call it dressing. You could, you could, but I can’t. I’ll say honey-baked ham, macaroni and cheese, candied yams.”

Anonymous reporter: “So you’re ham over turkey?”

Kris Richard: “I am ham over turkey.”

On another uplifting note, Coach Richard took time on Thursday to illustrate the trust he has in rookie cornerback Alontae Taylor.

“There are guys that we’ve counted on for years that are not around. So, you throw a new guy out there. And it’s ‘is it an enigma?’ Right, Alontae Taylor. Do we know? Well, now we do know. He’s a helluva player, really confident, challenges a lot of people…then Lattimore and Roby are able to come back and we know what they’re all about.”