HOLMES COUNTY, Fla. (WDHN) — If you were driving on U.S. Highway 90 in Western Holmes County over the weekend, you may have gotten caught up in gridlock traffic, and that was because people were on their way to help raise money for a special man in need.

Earlier in 2022, Terry Yates suffered a cracked skull and paralysis from the waist down after a terrible accident at his sawmill in Ponce de Leon, when several logs got loose and rolled over his body.

Over the years, the 67-year-old has helped countless people build their homes and improve their properties in the Central Panhandle and South Alabama free of charge.

On Saturday, more than a thousand people came out to give back at a fundraiser in Ponce de Leon which included a fish plate lunch and silent auction.

The event took in more than $115,000 to go toward Mr. Terry’s medical and rehab bills.

Nashville recording artist Dustin Herring explained why he volunteered his time to perform “live” on stage at the fundraiser.

Terry himself was unable to attend the fundraiser. He has been going through rehab at the Sheperd Center in Atlanta.

But, he expressed his gratitude to all those who came out to help him and his family financially with the mounting medical expenses.